Podcasts for Education

Jan 26, 2011 by

A great way for many children to learn is through audio.  One of my son’s really got excited about the prospect of reading after we started listening to audio books in the car.  It helped him bridge that gap between his current reading level and his interest and comprehension level.  With the development of podcasting, there are many great (and free) opportunities to listen to great material on the go- from stories through sites like StoryNory, fairytales, classic stories and fables read by Natasha, a former BBC producer , to information and writing tips from Grammar Girl, to the fun science podcasts put out by the NSTA called Lab Out Loud.  Here’s a great example (available in video and audio)

Ben Goldacre Talks Bad Science from PopTech on Vimeo.

Here’s a link to a great list of over 80 podcasts that would be great for education, the classroom, or just to help enrich your own children or yourself during your commute.

Think about the use of audio to help students who may struggle with reading, for students who have an auditory learning style preference, or just to change up lessons or give students another choice. There are tons of resources- free resources, available both for download on ipods and other mp3 players, or streaming over the web, for learners of all ages.

Please add your favorite resources in our comments!

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