Classroom Design is Important, Too.

Nov 19, 2010 by

I was at a meeting yesterday, and there was discussion of what a 21st Century classroom should look like. I remembered seeing some information about a “Node” chair that gave lots of flexible seating options in the classroom and seemed to be a better solution than most of the desks I see in classrooms today, which make chiropractors cry- both from the pain they cause and from the money the doctors make straightening out people afterwards!

This point was also highlighted when I read The Principal’s Page blog which spoke about how twitter may be changing education but not school desks, and that we could even have kids pay closer attention if we didn’t treat them like veal. It’s a good read- please check it out.

I’m excited enough about this Node chair to be interested in trying one at home for my own kids, but unfortunately, they are not yet available to the public as a “buy one” option- but they may be after January- I can’t wait!

Check out this Youtube video about the Node chair to better understand not only how design and classroom design helps inform instruction, but how a more flexible seating option might really change how your class interacts.